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At Randstad, we're committed to shaping the world of work in every industry that we specialise in. As part of our ongoing dedication, we sponsor and partner with industry associations and professional bodies in Singapore.
In each of these sponsorships, our focus is on connecting our clients and candidates with access to the very best events in their chosen industry sector, and to fostering an an open environment of shared knowledge and networking.

our sponsorships


Randstad is the official partner of the Williams Martini Formula 1 Racing Team, and have been now since 2006. Both Randstad and Williams have a similar belief in talented teams performing to the best of their abilities and both organisations are always “striving for perfection”... more >


Built in cooperation with the City of Amsterdam, the Clipper is a historical reconstruction of a mid-19th century clipper ship. A tribute to the Netherlands’ trading spirit and connection to the sea throughout the ages, the ship also symbolises Randstad’s global aspirations, international reach and our shared pride in our global operation...  more >

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Since 2000, Randstad has been recognising the very best employer brands across the world. Based on the largest independent research into global employer branding trends, the Randstad Award captures the perceptions of over 6,500 jobseekers locally... more >

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