randstad workpocket 2016 legislative update.

The companion to the Randstad Workpocket 2015/16 Singapore, an all-in-one HR guide.

Randstad is committed to remaining your go-to partner for the latest recruitment news and trends. In light of recent changes in employment and HR legislation and policies, this interim Workpocket Legislative Update will act as a supplement and update to the Randstad Workpocket 2015/2016.

In this Workpocket update, HR professionals, managers and business owners can keep themselves in-the-know with new government legislations that aim to:

  • Raise the participation rate of the resident labour force
  • Enhance employee protections and wages for Singaporeans
  • Ensure fair consideration for job opportunities for Singaporeans as well as introduce flexibility to foreign worker quotas for small to medium businesses facing talent shortages

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