Most companies today recognise the competitive advantage of having a strong employer brand. In the same way that investing in customer experience is essential to brand survival, the candidate experience is vital to an employer brand strategy. In the age of the digital customer, job seekers have expectations that are moving faster than most talent acquisition departments can make decisions.

When it comes to employer brand-building, today's organisations face many challenges: a convergence of candidate expectations and motivations, along with internal and external issues, can bewilder even the most astute HR leaders.

Many companies struggle to provide that delicate balance between automating their talent acquisition processes and offering a more human touch. In fact, a recent Randstad Candidate Expectations survey revealed that 54% of job seekers in Asia say the lack of personal touch has made their job search experiences frustrating, which signals the need for employers to be more plugged into the candidate experience in this post digital age.

Underpinned by the latest data from The Randstad Employer Brand Research, this latest whitepaper includes case studies, insights and takeaways to improve recruiting performance and bolster brand perception by plugging into the digital candidate experience.

employer brand research whitepaper
employer brand research whitepaper

more insights you can find in this white paper:

  • how to map the candidate experience and its central role in employer branding
  • uncover motivations and behaviours of Singapore, Hong Kong SAR and Malaysia employees
  • HR is the new marketing - 10 strategies to engage the digital candidate
  • evaluate the job application process and final touch points
  • apply design thinking and HR technology to innovate recruitment in the post digital age

Request a copy of the white paper here, which is available in Singapore, Hong Kong SAR and Malaysia.

“Choosing to overlook the technological aspects of candidate experience (mobile, SEO, search) is a recipe for getting overlooked by today’s talent.” - CEO, Jibe

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