our contracting services.

The contract workforce, also commonly known as the gig economy or a blended workforce, provides companies with the much needed flexibility they need to sustain a future-ready talent management strategy.

Professional contract workers bring with them their knowledge, experience and highly in-demand expertise to the business. These gig workers collaborate with employees from different teams within the organisation to drive innovation, contribute to short-term projects as well as share their learnings and best practices. Companies with a blended workforce have a highly-skilled workforce that is necessary to remain competitive in today’s evolving environment.

contract recruitment services

The gig economy remains to be a fresh concept in Asia. However, the future of work needs to be flexible, agile and highly skilled. Companies across all industries need to understand the benefits of having a blended workforce that includes permanent staff, professional contractors as well as freelancers.

With 25 years of recruitment experience in Singapore, we manage a large network of professional contractors who are committed to helping businesses achieve their immediate goals to build a better future. We provide an end-to-end solution based on our client’s talent management requirements. The contract management process includes understanding the talent needs, sourcing for eligible gig workers, interviewing the shortlisted job applicants and us assuming the role as the contractor’s legal employer.

Coupled with innovative HR technology to ensure timely proceedings, our team of dedicated contracting specialists will ensure that your gig workers are well taken care of, so that you can focus on business impacting activities.

payrolling services

Payroll management can be a strain on resources, especially when it comes to managing a contingent workforce with employees under different types of employment contracts.

Under our payroll services, we take on the role as the contractor’s legal employer. We place the contingent employee on our payroll, while you will manage the contractor’s day-to-day responsibilities with you. As such, you can focus on their business while we handle the nitty-gritty.

benefits of a gig economy.

1. Quickly and easily adjust your workforce to keep up with market-determined workload fluctuations
2. Maintain a flexible workforce to achieve higher productivity and positive results
3. Opportunity for the existing workforce to develop new skills and gain new perspectives from working with experienced professional contractors
4. Generate cost savings and achieve time efficiencies
5. Access to a wider range of specialised skills and work experience across various industries such as technology, banking and financial services, accounting and finance as well as engineering and manufacturing

exclusive features and benefits

Besides access to our specialised recruiters’ network of professional contractors and our full-suite contracting services to drive talent management efficiencies, you can also leverage our other services and products that are specially designed to manage a blended workforce.

online timesheets

Our fully-digital timesheets system helps ensure timely processing and real-time transparency, while minimising human errors and reducing time spent on lengthy administrative paperwork.

shared services teams

We have a dedicated contracting administrative team in Randstad Singapore to help you manage your contracting employees’ legal and payroll, so that you can focus your time on contributing to other more critical aspects of the business.

specialised contracting services

We want only the best for you. Our recruitment consultants are specialised in a specific industry or function that are key to Singapore’s economy. When you work with us to help build your workforce capabilities, you will have access to the best talent professional contracting network and market insights to help you stay competitive.

‘MyRandstad’ allows your professional temporary workers mobile-access to submit their timesheets, expenses and allowances, apply for leave as well as view their e-payslips and balance commitment. This digital solution provides companies with instant and secured access to their workforce to better plan human capital strategies for the future of work.

meet our contracting experts.


kwan yit wei

associate director - construction, property & engineering


david blasco

general manager - accounting & finance, sales & marketing, corporate & secretarial support


lim chai leng

general manager - banking & financial services, life sciences, construction, property & engineering


daljit sall

general manager - information technology


aprilyn chan

director - accounting & finance