marketing and communications intern.

As a marketing and communications intern, you can experience how it is like to be a part of our human-forward business and culture. To maximise your learning experience, you’ll get to participate in exciting marketing projects across the region.

  • Learn how to use AI software and digital marketing platforms to engage with employers and job seekers 
  • Create creative assets and talent engagement campaigns to be posted on popular social media platforms 
  • Drive online traffic to the website 
  • Collaborate with marketing interns and executives to showcase successful projects and campaign internally

public relations intern.

As a public relations intern, you’ll get to push creative boundaries and write compelling articles to help organisations and job seekers navigate today’s labour market while advancing our corporate reputation. 

  • Media engagement and monitoring - Write media pitches and press release as well as prepare spokespeople for media interviews
  • Content development - Brainstorm and research creative content ideas for job seekers and prepare creative assets like infographics and videos
  • Regional communications liaison - Collaborate with marketing teams across Asia Pacific to learn how PR and marketing works.

SEO content intern.

As an SEO content intern, you’ll pick up marketing and technical skills, such as optimising and creating digital content so that we're the first thing when people search for jobs or help to find jobs.

  • Find out what compelling headlines and keywords are to attract more HR professionals and job seekers to come to our website and work with us 
  • Revive old content with new keywords to engage with new audiences
  • Learn how to boost brand awareness and increase social media awareness

key skills you can learn and acquire with us.

The Randstad Rockstars Internship is an excellent learning opportunity for you to learn and grow with an experienced and dynamic team. As a Randstad Rockstar intern, here are the skills you’ll acquire from working with us.

marketing and communications skills:

  • Learn how email campaigns are run on email marketing tools to reach out to specific target audiences through different call-to-actions
  • Understand website set-up processes to feature different reports and articles
  • Create infographics and branding videos with Adobe Photoshop, InDesign as well as Canva and InVideo

public relations skills:

  • Understand how to navigate the media landscape and engage with the media
  • Learn how to prepare key messages, press releases and media briefing documents
  • Develop good analytical and writing skills to write compelling narratives for articles and reports
  • Access to specialised AI writing tools to help you be more efficient and productive

SEO content skills:

  • Pick up SEO skills and learn how to use popular digital tools
  • Gain social media management skills and learn about content creation strategies through market research
  • Tap on marketing projects and learn how to optimise our digital content on social media platforms

other unique skills:

  • Pick up effective communication skills and learn the dynamics of working in an interactive team in SEA
  • Learn time management for better work-life balance
  • Improve your pitching and presentation skills

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