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We host executive roundtables, webinars and luncheons with our partners and HR leaders to discuss the significance and impact of talent trends around the world.

virtual career fair singapore

ACCA virtual career fair 2021.

In a world of work where change is the only constant, Senior Consulting Manager, Agnes Lim, shares key insights on the new in-demand skills that accounting and finance professionals should equip themselves with and how to highlight these competencies during a job interview to ensure their long-term employability.

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employer branding webinar

ADB dutchcham webinar.

Themed 'Employer Branding Before and After COVID-19', our Head of Client Solutions, Mark Li, shared key highlights from our 2020 Randstad Employer Brand Research and the importance of protecting your employer brand during a global pandemic.

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NTUC U PME webinar.

As job and skill requirements change, Senior Manager, Josh Goh, shared his insights on the skills requirements and career path of a successful project manager in the insurance industry.

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randstad technologies round table.

Tech innovators put their minds together to tackle key challenges, share insights & best practices of workforce management to push the boundaries of technology.

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RIF Seminar.

The Randstad Innovation Fund (RIF) is a strategic corporate venture fund that supports our ambition to lead the change in the world of work. In this seminar, senior RIF representatives discussed the potential of HR technology and how our portfolio of innovative digital solutions can help resolve your HR challenges.

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cfo networking events
CFO network series.

preparing for a new normal.

Curious to find out how finance leaders can better prepare themselves for future challenges and upcoming changes? Here are the latest macro-trends that are shaping the world of work.

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cfo network singapore

attracting talent in uncertain times.

In today's world, CFOs are facing an increasingly complex workforce that they must learn to manage. Find out more as Johnson & Johnson's APAC CFO Neel Augusthy shares his thoughts on this growing issue.

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