Organisations are restructuring and digitalising their business processes as digital transformation has rapidly accelerated during the pandemic. More and more companies are introducing project-based work to stay agile and competitive. 

Instead of doing data entry work like in the past, most of us today are responsible for delivering several projects from start-to-end. Employees in any field and industry need to learn how to effectively project manage and meet their job deliverables in a timely manner.

According to data from the Randstad’s Salary Calculator,  the most accurate benchmarking tool in Singapore, ‘Project Management’ is one of the top 15 skills that employers look for in job seekers. So how do you acquire new skills and experience to become a successful project manager in today’s rapidly evolving digital world? 

In collaboration with NTUC U PME Josh Goh, Senior Manager of the Banking and Financial Services team at Randstad Singapore talked about the career progression opportunities in the field of project management and what employers tend to look out when hiring a new Project Manager. 

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about the author
randstad singapore josh goh
randstad singapore josh goh

Josh Goh

Senior Manager, Banking and Financial Services - Insurance & Contracting

With more than 12 years of recruitment experience, Josh leads a team of consultants that specialise in recruiting for leading insurance and insurtech firms, and matching professional contractors with banks.

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