Randstad is aware of recent incidents involving individuals and/or organisations claiming to be employed and/or associated with Randstad and are recruiting for companies based in Singapore. These individuals and/or organisations are posting fraudulent job advertisements on popular social media channels and messaging networks to notify individuals from Malaysia that there are job opportunities for them in Singapore. In addition and most importantly, these individuals and/or organisations solicit from the individuals the transfer of sums of money to pay for expenses such as work permits, medical check-up, travel and accommodation and more by telling the individuals that they must make such payment(s) to secure the fraudulent advertised job.

The Randstad group of companies will never ask for any financial remuneration of any kind from individuals during the entire recruitment process. All individuals processed by Randstad must undergo a formal interview process with Randstad and with the companies that Randstad represents before they can potentially receive an employment offer. The standard recruitment process includes a formal email, phone communications or face-to-face meeting between the recruiter and the interviewee to understand personal career aspirations, manage job interview expectations and/or to negotiate salary and benefits.

Please note that these individuals and/or organisations who are posting fraudulent job advertisements and requesting individuals to pay a sum of money to secure the fraudulent advertised job do not work for Randstad, any of our group of companies or the companies that we represent in any way.

The fraudulent job advertisements and any communications related to them are not associated with Randstad and any of our group of companies.

key signs of a fraudulent job advertisements:

Some key signs of a fraudulent job advertisement or related communications carried out by a non-Randstad employee are:

  • Request for money remittance prior to any job interview or medical check-up for any administrative reasons
  • Confirmation of job offer before any face-to-face job interview
  • Poor use of the English language, incomplete sentences and/or glaring spelling errors
  • Does not have a Randstad email address (@randstad.com)
  • Communications channels are only limited to social media channels or messaging service (e.g. Whatsapp, Facebook Messages)

It is recommended that individuals do not follow and/or unfollow unsolicited Facebook groups that promote fraudulent job advertisements. It is also recommended that individuals do not reply to fraudulent job advertisements on social media channels and/or opportunities on cross-platform messaging services. It is never safe to disclose your personal and/or individual banking details with anyone you do not know.

If you have been exposed to a fraudulent job advertisement on a cross-platform messaging service or social media network, received a fraudulent job opportunity from an individual and/or organisation or are an unfortunate victim of such a job scam, we advise you to file an official report with the local police immediately. Please provide the local police with all the information you have.

these details include but are not limited to:

  • sender’s name, mobile number and email address (if any)
  • a copy of the fraudulent job advertisement
  • a copy of your communication exchange with the individual and/or organisation
  • a copy of the banking remittance slip (if payment has been made)

At Randstad, we do not condone any illegal activities carried out by individuals and/or organisations based on local laws.

If you come across a job advertisement that you are unsure of, we advise you to call the respective Randstad offices directly to verify the job advertisement (Randstad Malaysia: +60 03 2036 6666; Randstad Singapore +65 6510 1350). Please make sure you have the following information when you call:

  • name and mobile number of the consultant
  • details of the job advertisement

This is a joint press statement by Randstad Singapore and Randstad Malaysia.