technology with a human touch.

We love to connect the dots, but real connections aren’t made from data and algorithms. They require human involvement, empathy, communication and instinct. When we bring our passion together with the power of today’s intelligent machines, magic might happen.

reimagining the future

Our tech and touch ambition is to combine our genuine human interest and expertise with the best digital solutions, to transform the way people and jobs connect.

investing in technology.

Through the Randstad Innovation Fund, we discover what HR technology solutions are out there and what they mean for the way we work.

HR innovations.

We screen more than 2,000 platforms a year in the rapidly evolving HR technology space for innovations that will help acquire and engage talent more efficiently.

best-fit solution.

Our investments are scalable and data-driven, giving us market foresight and the appropriate solutions to best meet our clients' needs.

stand out in a post-digital age.

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