Retrenchments and a slowing economy have kept banking professionals in Singapore on their toes over the recent months.

The last six months have been inundated with news of redundancies and job cuts from the banking industry, with analysts warning of weakening economic conditions and more uncertainty in the horizon.

Coupled with an increasing pressure on organisations to streamline operations, manage costs and protect their bottom line, it's only natural that businesses and individuals struggle to keep an optimistic outlook amidst the sluggish climate

high demand jobs in banking

However, despite the gloomy forecast reported in the media, we are still seeing a healthy hiring demand from banks looking to fill gaps in a number of key areas across back, middle and front office.

A number of these requirements are for junior bankers in the relationship management, insurance and bancassurance space, as well as banking contractors who have a proven track record managing projects especially in the areas of client on-boarding, data analysis, change management and settlements.

At Randstad, we are constantly on the lookout for banking talent with strong track records, solid leadership experience, a positive mindset and excellent communication skills. If you are seeking an opportunity in the industry, do take a look at our up-to-date list of banking jobs. You can also register a vacancy with us if finding exceptional banking talent is a key challenge for your business, and we will be more than happy to help.

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