Landing a new job is tough, the job search process can be more complex and painfully drawn-out for job seekers. Hiring process can typically take about 2 to 6 months, especially amid the global pandemic when companies are still exercising caution with how they spend their HR budget.

Having professional help in finding a job from a trusted recruitment agency will make your job search efficient and the job hunting process easier.

should you use a recruiter to find a job?

Well, why not?

Most companies work with recruiters to get better access to a wider pool of skilled talents that are not available to them to fill in their job openings. Employers partner with a recruiting agency to support their talent needs.

Talent acquisition specialists secure the qualified talent who best matches the job role and fit the company culture.

So in a way, when you work with a professional recruiter, you’ll also get access to a wider range of employers that are looking to hire.

benefits of using a recruiter
benefits of using a recruiter

do recruiters really help you find jobs?

Since recruitment specialists are well-versed in the technical requirements and expectations for the roles that you are interested in applying for, we can offer accurate insight into your potential job fit. Job recruiters can be helpful in finding jobs that best match your skills and qualities. We can be an advantage in providing you with ideas to remedy any skill gaps, improve your resume and fully prepare you for an upcoming job interview.

With an expansive network of hiring managers, headhunters can easily connect you to some of the best employers in your industry. Hence, getting a job through a recruiter will be much easier than doing it on your own.

Seeing how competitive the job market is nowadays, you would need all the help you can get. Linking up with a recruitment specialist or executive headhunter will increase your chances of getting the best possible job in more ways than one.

using a recruiter to find a job benefits
using a recruiter to find a job benefits

benefits of working with a recruiter

1. a specialist recruiter knows your industry like the back of their hand

Recruitment consultants are strategic industry insiders. We are well-versed in your industry lingo and familiar with the job requirements of your potential employers. We also speak to other people with profiles that are similar to yours to let you know how you stack rank against them. This can help you save time during your job search as you’ll know that you won’t need to wait for a response and can move on with your job search.

With ample knowledge of the ins and outs of the business, the recruiting specialists can also keep you informed of the latest labour market updates. This way, you’ll be better placed to optimise your resume and increase your chances of clinching an interview opportunity. You’ll also be well-prepared to impress your interviewers with your in-depth understanding of the needs and challenges of the hiring company and industry.

2. specialist recruitment agencies actively cultivate strong (and often exclusive) relationships with industry-leading businesses

Our specialist recruitment consultants have cultivated strong and lasting relationships with top employers in your desired industry and are often privy to jobs that may not have been posted on job portals just yet.

Not all jobs are advertised publicly or can be found online. In fact, a good number of job openings are exclusive for a very short window. Working with a recruiter will give you exclusive access to an impressive network of attractive employers and better job opportunities for you to realise your career aspirations.

3. recruiters are in constant contact with employers within your industry

Recruitment agents constantly maintain good working relations with various hiring managers and reach out to top employers in your industry. We are the first to know when organisations are expanding their workforce or building a new team.

Our recruitment consultants act as your personal brand ambassadors and use their extensive networks to promote your resume to companies that you want to work with. Partnering with a recruiter in your job search will give you a heads up on potential openings and upcoming opportunities, which makes you the first few candidates to be screened and interviewed for an exciting new role.

4. recruitment specialists can offer you salary advice based on benchmarking within the industry

Since the specialist recruitment consultant works exclusively within your chosen industry, it stands to reason that they are equipped with in-depth knowledge on the salary benchmarks and benefits you can expect from new roles. With their expertise, they can also provide insightful advice on what you would need to do to secure a higher wage.

The best part about working with a dedicated job recruiter is having the upper hand when it comes to having a potential great offer and sealing the deal with the best possible outcome. As a key player in the employment market, our recruiters are equipped with data-backed and real-time salary insights to know if you're fairly remunerated.

Our consultants will also drive contract and salary negotiations on your behalf to ensure that both your and the employer’s expectations are met. By having a recruiter play the middleman during salary negotiations, you can be as transparent and honest as possible without worrying that you might overstep your requests.

5. recruitment consultants can help reduce the number of times your referees are contacted

Many hiring managers will request details for at least one referee, especially towards the end of the interview process to ascertain your character and work ethics. Imagine applying to five different companies and each of them having to call up your previous managers. This is extremely time-consuming for your referees!

The recruitment consultants will get in touch with your referees only once on behalf of all the employers that you are applying to. This helps reduce the number of time you’ll need to spend on liaising your referees with your potential employers. By extension, this will help quicken your job screening process.

use all the free resources you can get your hands on

In essence, there are only benefits to having a recruitment expert on your side in your job hunt. Two heads are better than one; plus, it’s entirely free for candidates. Agencies and search firms like Randstad are paid by the hiring company, not the candidate or job seekers.

To get a better idea of how much you are worth, you can use Randstad Salary Calculator for a more accurate salary benchmark. Stay informed of the relevancy and worthiness of your skill sets so that you can negotiate for a better job offer.

The Randstad Salary Calculator is a free tool that any job seekers and employers can use to generate a personalised salary report that tells you where you stand in terms of pay, work responsibilities and talent demands in Singapore’s current job market. Stay informed of the relevancy and worthiness of your skill sets so that you can negotiate for a better job offer.

should i use a recruiter to find a job
should i use a recruiter to find a job

work with randstad

If you are finding a recruiter to find a job, we are here for you. As a trusted recruitment agency in Singapore, Randstad has remained true to why we are in the people’s business – to help candidates like you fulfil your true potential.

As the global leader in the human resources industry, we spare no effort in ensuring that our talent acquisition specialists are some of the best in the profession. But don’t take our word for it - read what hundreds of candidates are saying about us on Google.

Get in touch with our recruitment consultants today to apply for jobs. Proactive and resourceful, our trusted recruitment specialist will ensure that you are always kept up-to-date with the latest job openings in the market.

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