Digital disruption has a direct impact on how customers interact with businesses and each other.

Companies are collecting a mass amount of data through the technology network, and it provides them with useful information on behaviours and preferences of different customer groups. Information is transformed into insights to develop business strategies, create new products and personalise services to address the increasing customers’ demands.

Undisputedly, start-ups are the disruptors in this space. These nimble firms are able to quickly develop new innovations that address the immediate challenges customers face. On the contrary, MNCs are developing in-house digital marketing solutions to segment their customers into smaller groups so that they can deliver highly personalised offerings and add greater value.

Companies that want to leverage data to stay ahead will need to rethink their talent strategy and ensure that they have the right capabilities and people that can improve the overall customer experience.

targeted and specialised roles across customer acquisition lifecycle

In order for digitalisation to be successful within the marketing function, CMOs need to rethink their team structure and hire specialised experts to focus on each piece of the customer acquisition lifecycle such as content marketing and performance marketing etc.

When CMOs take on added responsibilities to improve the customer experience by changing the way the brand segments and engages with their customers, they can have a direct impact on sales in the long run. This will transform the marketing function from an operational role to a revenue-generating business partner.

smart data-centric roles are critical to digital marketing

Data-centric roles are crucial in the end-to-end product development and customer acquisition funnel to ensure successful lead generation and that potential customers are transformed to loyal advocates.

Talent with requisite skills in digitalised UX-based functions, such as user experience, user interface, customer experience journey, can assist the teams by providing insights and recommendations based on data. Such insights can help increase the number of online visitors to expand the customer base or enhance the quality of customer engagement via digital and social channels to build brand loyalty.

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