The COVID-19 health crisis and enforced lockdowns in many markets pose unprecedented challenges to economies, businesses and people around the world.

safely back to work

Given the sense of urgency, the HR services industry spearheaded by Randstad, Adecco and Manpower, has formed an alliance. The aim of the alliance is to prepare for the new normal and expedite getting people safely back to work and businesses and economies running again. With our combined experience in recruitment and in health and safety, we can support businesses by putting the protocols into practice and by providing resources and solutions that support business in the new normal.

By capturing good practices of COVID-19 protocols across countries and sectors, we can provide guidance to our clients when it comes to creating and implementing their own protocols. Our guidance is not prescriptive, but an advisory outline that can be used by individual companies as an aid for their specific situation and plans.

We’ve gathered health and safety measures as well as best practices from federations, sector bodies and companies across the globe to share them with you. These would include administrative controls that change the way people work as well as engineering controls that distance and isolate people by physical changes, forecasting that the new way of working requires both human and workplace adaptations.

download sector-specific protocol template and checklist

In order to return safely back to work, companies will require new health and safety protocols. We are able to provide you with sector-specific protocols and support you with the assessment and implement of your protocol.

Please fill in your contact details to receive a complete sector-specific protocol template as well as a checklist of best practices. Depending on your organisation structure (headquarter office with outlets and plants in Singapore), you may require multiple sets of protocols.

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