Companies are seen to have shifted their focus on business continuity, regaining their productivity, and mitigating business risk that they anticipate.

However, hiring for essential HR positions such as operations and payroll continue to grow steadily in the first half of 2020. Through research conducted via phone interviews with life sciences and FMCG companies in Singapore, we have also observed a 145% increase in demand for maternity covers for contracting roles between three and six month availability. However, the availability of permanent HR roles has decreased by 46% as compared to previous years.

where to find HR jobs in singapore?

In general, we have observed a decrease in job opportunities from traditional European and American multinational firms. However, there has been a greater demand for HR professionals from Asian multinational companies.

human resources jobs in singapore
human resources jobs in singapore

In particular, we have observed more hiring activities in SMEs and large businesses within the technology industry and from Chinese companies that are expanding their presence in Singapore. Candidates in the market favoured a role in Japanese organisations, as they were seen to be less affected by the downturn.

HR industry trends 2020 mid-year report

It is our best interest to ensure that all employers and job seekers have access to the latest information about the hiring trends within the human resources industry in Singapore.

some of the key highlights in this edition of the human resources industry overview are:

  • Top 5 in-demand human resources specialist jobs in Singapore
  • Trends and insights in the life sciences and fast-moving consumer goods industries
  • 2020 HR trends and outlook

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