Human resources is a complex function and profession that covers many diverse areas that are often bounded by the nation’s laws and increasing company policies.

The Randstad Workpocket 2018/2019 provides HR experts and employers a wealth of information on human resources regulations in Singapore. It includes clear-cut guidance, legal information, key employment terms, facts and recommendations as well as tips on how to build an attractive employer brand and manage employees.

key HR topics covered in your latest complimentary edition of the workpocket 2018/19 include:

  • up-to-date information on labour market trends and HR issues
  • advice on complying with current and pending legislative employment practices
  • best practice processes around finding, retaining and engaging employees
  • adapting to new realities and harness the power of HR technology
  • developing a compelling employer brand to attract top talent

The Randstad Workpocket 2018/2019 is produced in collaboration with WongPartnership and supported by Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI).

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