Automation is the latest must-have for many organisations around the world. Human resources professionals have also taken to automation to boost their recruitment processes. However, attempts to automate the hiring process has failed to impress prospective job seekers across the board.

Latest findings show that the majority of job seekers in Singapore, Hong Kong SAR and Malaysia have been frustrated with automation in their job searches. 54% say that the lack of personal touch has made their job search experiences frustrating.

I am often frustrated with overly-automated job search experiences that lack the personal touch (%)

overly automated job search process

Reasons behind this sentiment are that 49% of candidates feel that the job search has been made more impersonal by technology and a further 42% feel that online job applications get fewer responses from the employer.

technology has made the job search process more impersonal (%)

impersonal job search process

I feel online job applications tend to get fewer responses from the employer (%)

online job applications response

These statistics illustrate how job seekers feel that technology is not actually helping them in their job search, but rather is hindering their prospects at jobs that they may have interest in.

Despite the discouraging findings, candidates still say that they want technology to enhance their experience, provided that hiring managers or recruiters still focus on the human connection.

I want to work with companies that use technology to enhance my experience, while still focusing on the human connection (%)

using technology to enhance experience

Managing Director for Randstad Singapore, Hong Kong SAR and Malaysia, Michael Smith noted, “These latest research findings are a timely reminder that organisations must take great care in the implementation of new innovative technologies in their recruitment processes. A failure to do so may result in the damaging of their employer brands, hindering their ability to attract and retain the best talent.”

jobseekers expectations on overly automated recruitment process

2017 job seekers expectations

This Randstad survey was conducted in September 2017 with 2,000 respondents, split across Singapore, Hong Kong SAR and Malaysia.

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