The fair management of staff can pay dividends in the long run, as a happier and more settled workforce will ultimately lead to increased productivity.

Randstad Singapore launched the ‘Randstad Workpocket 2018/2019’, the second edition of its kind to guide HR professionals and business leaders in managing and driving the workforce and organisation to success amid changing times. This human resources and employment guidebook provides employers and HR experts a wealth of information on human resources in Singapore, such as clear-cut guidance, legal information, key employment terms, facts and recommendations as well as tips on how to build an attractive employer brand and manage staff.

Jaya Dass, Managing Director at Randstad Singapore said, “Over the years, we are determine to keep our promise to provide the Randstad Workpocket as a complimentary guide for businesses that are new to the Singapore market as well as professionals who want to stay updated about the latest legislation changes. The Randstad Workpocket has proved to be a quintessential guide to the HR community. It helps build their confidence to navigate the country’s complex and dynamic employment landscape.”

the ‘randstad workpocket 2018/2019’

Human resources is a complex function and profession that covers many diverse areas that are often bounded by the nation’s laws and increasing company policies. The ‘Randstad Workpocket 2018/2019’ provides practical guidance on the day-to-day HR dealings with job seekers and employees in Singapore, as well as legal information that all companies must adhere to. In addition to employment contracts and the responsibilities of an employer in Singapore, there are new updates to the ‘Randstad Workpocket 2018/2019’ which include the following:

  • Development, management and impact of a compelling employer brand
  • The rules of engagement with active and passive candidates
  • Find the balance in flexible work arrangements
  • The critical role of reward system in employee retention and the future of annual appraisals
  • Financial assistance avenues to start and sustain workplace health and wellbeing programmes

The ‘Randstad Workpocket 2018/2019’ also explores professional and legal advice from experts on investing in learning and development, pay structures as well as workplace wellness.

why is good HR management important?

Businesses in Singapore are facing high levels of disruption that is driven by digitalisation and business restructuring. The labour market is also facing a challenge of skills mismatch, as companies are creating new roles that may not have existed before to prepare the workforce for any anticipated changes within the business environment.

Learning and talent development have become a significant factor for the company’s recruitment and retention exercises. Research showed that robust learning programmes and on-the-job training will close the skills gap and improve employee retention rate. When new knowledge is acquired and capabilities are deepened, employees will also have more opportunities for better career progression and higher financial remuneration packages.

Good HR practice can ensure a healthy talent pipeline as well as reduce the risk of incurring hefty costs from the recruitment process and onboarding activities.

An effective HR structure means that employees know their rights and where they stand with their employer. HR policies and actions which affect them in the workplace are clearly laid out, giving them a sense of fairness and a channel to air concerns and grievances if necessary.

Workpocket is your first stop for essential HR questions, issues and challenges. It aims to provide you access to a wealth of information to help you make well-informed decisions and navigate complex HR matters quickly and effectively.

The Randstad Workpocket 2018/2019 is produced in collaboration with WongPartnership.

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