3 APRIL 2023, SINGAPORE - Randstad, the world’s largest talent agency, today unveiled its new office at One Raffles Place, a premier commercial building in Singapore's Central Business District. This strategic location enables Randstad to better provide world-class service and experiences for its clients and candidates, and further expand its reach in the region.

Randstad Singapore's new office is situated on the 36th and 37th floors of the building, featuring a spacious area of 14,499 square feet. This expansive area is designed to cater to the growing demands of Singapore's talent market, providing ample support for their evolving needs.

randstad singapore new one raffles place office
randstad singapore new one raffles place office

Maxim Van Damme, Country Director at Randstad Singapore, said, "We are thrilled to work in a new dynamic and conducive space, which serves as a welcome addition for our growing team. I’m confident that our employees will relish the opportunity to foster meaningful relationships with our talent and partners, and celebrate each other’s milestones as they always do.”

“As we strive to become the world’s most equitable and specialised talent company, our goal is to start from within and build a fair, diverse and success-driven environment in our business. This new space is built to empower us to help people find work opportunities that feel good,” continued Van Damme.

driving greater growth and collaboration opportunities

Randstad Singapore's new office features open-plan desks, lounges and adaptable meeting rooms designed to facilitate job interviews and client meetings. The modern workspace has been thoughtfully designed to promote collaboration and foster a sense of community among employees, while hosting roundtables, discussions, and networking events.

Whether it’s connecting people to new opportunities or providing a platform for employees to work and engage with each other, the new workspace is a testament to Randstad's commitment to delivering exceptional service to partners and talent alike.

As part of its expansion strategy, Randstad Singapore has kickstarted plans to broaden its spectrum of human resources consultancy services in line with the country’s economic focus. To this end, the recruitment agency has strengthened its executive search capabilities and expanded its roster of specialised recruitment services, taking on new niches from family offices to alternative proteins.

Jaya Dass, Managing Director at Randstad Singapore said, “We’re experiencing a profound shift in how we work and the dynamic between employers and employees has evolved greatly. It is important to us to embrace transformative change, evidenced by our growth over the last few years, and remain the partner of choice for companies looking to build skilled and engaged workforces.”

cultivating an inclusive and diverse work environment

Under its all-encompassing learning and development approach, Randstad Singapore has allocated a dedicated training space towards employee upskilling with both internal and external trainers. The talent company also regularly hosts sales programmes to drive performance and growth. Randstad Singapore recognises diversity and employee successes through various engagement events, celebrating a supportive and inclusive work environment.

Looking to the future, Dass said, “People are the heart of our company, which is why we want to create an inclusive environment where every person feels secure, valued and inspired to become the next best version of themselves. It’s our goal to create a workplace that encourages everyone to learn and grow both personally and professionally - there is nothing more fulfilling than seeing our employees bring their most authentic selves to work and thrive alongside each other.”

randstad singapore CBD office
randstad singapore CBD office

randstad singapore: 30 years and going

Since 1993, Randstad Singapore has continuously transformed its service offerings to evolve with the changing demands of the labour market. Today, the company offers specialised talent recruitment solutions which include Executive Search, Talent Contracting Services, Parkover and Payrolling, as well as white-collar recruitment services to business clients ranging from start-ups to multinational companies in Singapore.

Besides talent consultancy and recruitment services, the company conducts global surveys like Workmonitor and Employer Brand Research to help business leaders and human resources professionals strengthen their talent attraction and workforce management strategies. In Singapore, the company also partners with various public and private companies for outreach programmes designed to drive talent development and help people realise their true potential.

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