Are you clocking more than 12 hours of work every day? Want to work on a meaningful project but never had the chance to do it? If you are stuck in a routine and not satisfied with the work you do, it could be time to quit your job and start looking for a fresh and exciting role.

We know that finding a new job can be daunting but it is important to work in a job that you love!

how to tell when it is time to leave and find a new job:

1. you feel unappreciated

Putting in long hours at work and pushing yourself to the best of your ability for your hard work to go unnoticed can be extremely demotivating, even though a simple ‘thank you’ from coworkers could help. In fact, this is the reason why 31% of people in Singapore will choose to leave their jobs this year.

When your hard work is ignored, you may start to feel angry, frustrated or even worse, resentful of your colleagues. This does not only create an unhealthy work environment, your coworkers may also shun you and not invite you to after-work activities.

2. you feel bored

Feeling a little bored at work is normal. After all, every role comes with its share of tedium.

However, if you cannot snap out of your boredom or you find your job boring after just six months, it could signal a bigger problem. Try having a conversation with your managers about how you are feeling and let them know what motivates you at work, such as being on the team of an upcoming project that you are excited about.

If there is no change after your discussion, consider whether you will be happy at your company in the long run and if it is time to move on to a new job.

3. you are stuck in a routine

You should always be developing your skills and learning something new no matter where you are in your career. Think back to the past 12 months, can you recall some of the new knowledge and skills that you learnt from your colleagues?

If you do not recall anything, you may be at risk of stagnating. This means that you are doing the same thing every single day with no opportunity to learn and grow. Unfortunately, this red flag could also indicate that you have very little chance of a promotion.

4. you feel anxious

Struggling to sleep at night or spending your Sundays dreading the thought of work? Do not ignore these signs! Anxiety about work could manifest itself as a lack of energy, lack of appetite, restlessness, poor sleep and general irritability.

If workplace stress is impacting you after hours or during the weekends, consider whether it is healthy to stay where you are for long or if it is time to leave.

5. you are constantly talking about work

It is normal to rant about a bad day at work with your friends and family once in a while. However, if you find yourself wanting to vent all the time, it is a telling sign that you are unhappy at your job.

Your negative outlook on your job may also be a turn-off for friends who are looking to have a nice and relaxing time out with you. If you continue to be unhappy with what you do and give off negative vibes, you might even risk losing some of your closest friends!

It is important for you to take some time to reflect about what you want your life to look like every now and then – what kind of job you want, what kind of environment you want to work in and what kind of relationship you want with your career. Remember, it is not selfish to put your interest first because only you are in complete control of your career!

If two or more of these five warning signs are true for you, it could be the right time for a career change. Start your job search and secure a new opportunity now.