This is the fourth and final article of a four-part series to help raise awareness of job scams.

As human resource professionals, it is our responsibility to educate job seekers and help them understand what a standard job search journey looks like. When candidates know what to expect before they go for their job interviews, they will be better able to protect themselves from job scams, which have become a rather prevalent issue in Malaysia and Singapore in the past 12 months.

your job search journey

At Randstad, our recruitment consultants adhere to a structured process to ensure we maintain the highest level of integrity. We support people and organisations in realising their true potential, and seek precision and constant improvement to delight our clients and candidates in everything we do.

If you are looking for a new career opportunity, here is what a typical job search journey should look like.

candidate job search journey

It is important to stay vigilant during your job search process  and be wary of anything that sounds or looks suspicious or falls outside this standard recruitment process. There are many red flags you can look out for that would potentially indicate a scam. Find out how scammers can fool you into believing a fake job offer and what you should do if you are approached with a bogus job offer.

have you ever come across these job advertisements?

job scam on facebook

job scam on whatsapp

notice anything wrong with these job advertisements?

A real job advertisement will never ask you to pay for administrative services such as health check-ups, visa applications or even transport fees for an overseas job opportunity.

Recruitment agencies like Randstad only accept payment from companies who engage our services to help them find the best talent. As a business policy, we do not collect any fees from candidates to represent them to our clients. If you ever receive a job offer that charges you an agency fee, no matter the amount  never respond to it.

where can you find randstad’s job advertisements?

A legitimate job advertisement should provide you with clear details of the recruitment consultant. These include their full name, Employment Agency (EA) number (applicable for Singapore only), the recruitment agency they work for and their business email address or phone number.

All job advertisements posted by Randstad on social media can only be found on our official Facebook and LinkedIn pages, or shared by our consultants on their own social channels. A legitimate job advertisement will lead you from the social media channel to our official company website to apply.

However, our recruitment consultants will sometimes post job opportunities via Facebook or WhatsApp to reach a specific group of candidates. To prevent yourself from falling victim to a scam, we would encourage you to do a background check by asking for the recruiter’s business email address. You can also call the Randstad office mainline at +603 2036 6666 (Malaysia) or +65 6510 1350 (Singapore) to check if the consultant works for us.

If you come across a job advertisement associated with Randstad and are interested to apply for the job, you should only send your resume to an or email address.

Remember: Do not make any payment to anyone who claims to work for Randstad no matter what the circumstances are, because we will never ask you for money or financial remuneration of any kind to help you in your job search.

Looking to make your next career move? Randstad is one of the world’s largest recruitment and HR services providers, and our Singapore office has more than 20 years' experience placing high-calibre mid to senior level professionals in companies across multiple industries. Start your job search with us today.

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