The latest Workmonitor survey revealed that 89% of respondents in Singapore are willing to be retrained to ensure their employability. This sentiment is highest among mature workers, with 93% of respondents aged 55 and above feeling so.

People are faced with heightened pressures to keep their jobs, especially in this challenging climate where employees may not feel that they have total control over their employability. However, it presents itself as an opportunity for both employers and employees to plan ahead.

Organisations are refining their business strategies and placing and increasing focus on digital channels and technologies. Therefore, employers should also equip their workforce with relevant digital skills so that they can remain competitive in the workforce.

Business strategies and workforce preparedness should happen in parallel. While employers provide targeted training for their employees, workers should also take action and further augment their skills to be more attractive .

lack of skills in the workplace
lack of skills in the workplace

3 in 5 feel current training programmes are insufficient

As technology rapidly changes the nature of jobs, the need for workers to develop new skills and competencies has become more urgent. There exists a need for employers to create a customised training roadmap aimed at helping their employees advance their careers.

Though 68% of respondents agree that their employers are committed to helping them grow professionally, 1 in 3 (64%) feel that current employer upskilling programmes are insufficient and do not adequately prepare them for the skills they need in the future.

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