As employers and employees, we always focus our efforts on our customers. We hire experts, come up with new ideas and even invest in expensive technology so that our customers can have the best experience with us. We also believe that as long as we continue to deliver on our product and service excellence, we give our customers very little reasons to leave us for an alternative.

We need to apply the same operating philosophy if we want to have a satisfied, productive and engaged workforce. While novel perks such as free lunches and sleeping pods may attract a larger candidate pool, a positive employee experience is the key reason why people want to keep working for you.

employee experience strategy

In the Randstad Employer Brand Research 2018 white paper – ‘Enriching the Employee Experience’ – we delve into the insights from our latest employer brand research to guide companies towards creating and promoting a positive employee experience.

employees as internal customers

An employer that succeeds in creating a personable and positive employee experience is one that helps their people balance personal and work holistically and guide them towards achieving higher aspirations.

The first step to getting there is to reposition your employees as your internal customers and accept the reality that they have different wants and needs – just like how a customer has choices too.

meeting employees expectations

When companies take an employee-first approach towards their human capital strategies, their people start to gain positive experiences from their time spent at work. These positive encounters could come from a fruitful interaction with their colleagues or simply being able to complete a project without complications or any major hindrance. Some forward-looking employers go a step further by not only considering these day-to-day touchpoints. They also anticipating the evolving needs of their employees throughout their tenure.

These could be meeting the expectations of a young executive who wants to gain exposure through new opportunities, or fulfilling the self-actualisation needs of an experienced professional who may be looking for a chance to mentor.

employee satisfaction

Just like any loyal customer – a happy, satisfied and engaged employee will share their experiences and speak about you with their friends, family and on social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram and Glassdoor. The same happens when an employee has a negative episode at work – they have no qualms  taking their grievances online and sharing it with the world.

employees as internal customers

More often than not, what your employees share will be deemed as the most reliable and trusted source of information to job seekers, as it provides a first-hand account to what it’s really like to work in your organisation. This means that your employees can greatly impact the credibility of your employer brand, as well as how much you’d need to spend on your talent attraction and retention efforts to ensure a sustainable talent pipeline.

Companies that truly understand the impact of employee experience and take the effort to place their people at the centre when designing their human capital strategies are not only giving the staff reasons to stay, but also a future with the organisation to look forward to.

Our latest Employer Brand Research surveyed more than 3,800 employees and job seekers in Singapore this year to find out what are their perceptions of Singapore’s 75 largest commercial companies. We also seek to understand what motivates them. This way we can help you identify and highlight areas of opportunity to strengthen your employer brand and talent strategies.

It is with this comprehensive research analysis that allows us to work with you to identify, design and deliver a positive employee experience.

Looking for a guided framework to help you enrich your employees' experience?

check out the Randstad Employer Brand Research 2018 white paper that provides a solution-focused design to create the best employee experience fit.

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