how technology impacts work culture
how technology impacts work culture

Coined as the “COVID-19 Employer Pulse Survey”, the online study was conducted between 17 and 26 March, 2020 with 312 employers and HR professionals to further understand business sentiments and workforce management in light of the pandemic.

only 40% are fully equipped to support remote work

Companies will learn and uncover the technology gaps within their business during this period. Employers will realise that it can be difficult to assign tasks and monitor their team’s progress when everyone is working remotely. If left unresolved, these challenges could hinder workflow processes, decision making, speed to market and the overall performance capabilities of the workforce.

It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that collaborations continue to take place, especially when employees are working remotely. For instance, companies should invest in a good and secured teleconferencing system or a project management tool that can be synced to your network.


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download the COVID-19 employer pulse survey report

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