Our latest report highlights the latest sales and marketing trends in Singapore in the second half of 2019 to 2020, across both permanent and professional contract roles. Sectors covered include technology, banking and financial services, FMCG and retail. Heightened risks in major economy-leading markets prompted uncertainties which could further weaken business and consumer confidence. Companies will likely cut back on investments, re-evaluate their strategies and revise their operating expenses as they enter 2020 with a more conservative attitude.

Even though retrenchment and unemployment figures are starting to inch up, we expect it to be business-as-usual in Singapore. Talent flow is expected to be active within growing sectors such as technology, banking and financial services, and FMCG. Professionals within the sales and marketing specialties can expect an 8% to 12% salary hike if they choose to pursue other opportunities in 2020 - depending on experience, industry and skills.

demand for sales and marketing talent in information technology and communications

Despite being a hyper-growth industry, employers are more cautious in their hiring approach as they only want to hire the cream of the crop to drive their sales & marketing strategies. Tech firms are seeking candidates who possess strong experience in the areas of growth and performance marketing, CRM marketing, sales and business development, digital marketing, SEO and SEM, as well as digital analytics.

demand for digital-centric marketing talent in banking & financial services

Due to the slowing economy, financial services firms will likely take a more conservative approach towards hiring in 2020.

We might also see a longer vetting process as banks and financial services firms seek to hire candidates who are not just the best fit for the job, but also the organisational culture. Some of the skills that banks and financial services firms look for in sales and marketing professionals include digital marketing, customer experience, account management, sales support and customer success.

the ‘Sales and Marketing 2020 Outlook’ report covers the latest talent demands and trends in:

  • information technology and communications
  • professional services
  • banking and financial services
  • consumer (FMCG & retail)

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