Despite increased efforts in digital marketing, the FMCG market did not see the growth that commensurates the efforts in 2019. This could be a case where companies place an overemphasis on taking a digital-first stance on all marketing channels to fight wallet shares of online customers.

The convergence of new digital skills as well as in-depth market and consumer knowledge could be the secret key for success. When consumer brands embrace digitisation, right from the product development phase to post-sales customer engagement, companies can provide impeccable offline and online experiences that complement each other.

building a workforce that meets future consumer demands

Consumers’ behaviours and purchasing patterns constantly evolve. As such, sales and marketing professionals need to be able to accurately anticipate upcoming market trends and build sales strategies and workflows around them.

Companies also tend to hire professionals for the role that the employers want to groom them into. For example, when a company opens a job position for a brand manager today, they are actually looking for someone who they can promote to become a brand marketing director in the next few years.

Compared to other sectors, the propensity to change employers in 2020 is not as high in the FMCG space. There will be a higher focus on job security until the market recovers. Candidates will more likely apply to employers that are seen to have a more promising product pipeline or stable sales teams.

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download singapore market outlook 2020

key highlights in this year’s consumer goods market outlook

  • how product innovation and the boom of e-commerce impacted talent and skills demand
  • the impact of a positive employer brand in talent attraction strategies
  • managing candidates’ expectations and ensuring transparency during the interview process

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