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Global port congestion will continue until at least the first quarter  of 2023, keeping spot freight and shipping rates elevated. Aside from increased global consumption, several other factors contribute to the continued global port congestion.

Unless these external obstacles change, global port congestion and high shipping rates will carry over to next year. Supply chain risks will be more likely to affect terminal operators and shipping lines that delay measures to evolve with dynamic business demands and the economic environment.

transportation and logistics market and salary trends in singapore 2023
transportation and logistics market and salary trends in singapore 2023

2023 job market and talent trends in transportation and logistics

To manage the rising costs and congestion, terminal operators and shipping lines are expected to collaborate and invest more into creating new technologies that will drive greater industry synergy.

This would create new high-value job placements like IT project managers and software developers to create seamless and integrated software with the aim of streamlining processes across the industry. Data analysts and scientists who can build predictive modelling systems to help companies make more accurate forecasts will also be highly sought after.

in-demand transportation and logistics jobs in singapore 2023
in-demand transportation and logistics jobs in singapore 2023

1. national infrastructure and supply chain developments

All these large-scale and impactful strategies would create new high-value jobs that would require highly-skilled talent to fulfil and deliver, such as:

  • sustainability consultants
  • environment, health, and safety (EHS) specialists
  • infrastructure engineers  
  • sustainable design specialists 
  • corporate social responsibility (CSR) managers

2. demand for green buildings

Rising demand for green buildings calls for talent equipped with specific skills for new job roles, such as:

  • sustainability analyst
  • chief sustainability officer
  • energy efficiency and conservation officer
  • energy manager

3. use of technology and automated processes

As companies look to harness technology for infrastructure development, demand for talent will grow for the following skills and job roles:

  • software engineer
  • cloud engineer
  • data engineer
  • IT project manager

transport and logistics talent expectations in 2023

Job candidates are getting savvier and are researching to know more about salary ranges, compensation packages, career progression and work arrangements available for specific roles and positions. HR and business leaders would need to review their employee value proposition in order to keep up with the fierce competition for talent.

To remain competitive especially in a tight labour market, organisations must constantly reevaluate their business processes and salary budgets in response to changing economic conditions, as well as new ways of working methods.

As such, they have higher employee expectations around compensation and benefits. With things going back to the pre-pandemic levels, coupled with high inflation and an uncertain economic outlook, job candidates in transportation and logistics will expect a salary increase of around 15% to 30% when switching employers.

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The 2023 Talent and Salary Outlook report looks at talent analysis and new salary benchmarks in the following industries:

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