It’s time to take on new challenges and make an impact. There are many job opportunities that can help you achieve your dream, especially one with your ideal employer.

10 tips to help you get started on your job search for your dream job:

1. revamp your CV

Your CV is usually the first tool to impress your prospective employer, so make sure the basics are right – easy to read, well structured and without spelling mistakes. Include any special achievements you are particularly proud of.

2. reflect on your career path

Identify what motivates you and determine a few short and long term goals to strive towards.

3. research companies you would like to work for

You can start looking for companies that fit your criteria after you have clearly identified your goal.  Research the company history and look at its social presence to get a sense of the brand and culture.

4. sign up to regular job alerts

Be the first to know about new opportunities by following your target companies online, signing up to their newsletters and job alerts.

5. write targeted cover letters

Instead of sending a generic cover letter, think about each individual role you apply for and how the responsibilities and qualifications required match your skills and expertise.

6. practice your interview skills

Before your job interview, take the opportunity to role play through potential questions you might be asked, and be sure you also prepare a number of questions. You are interviewing the company to see if it's a fit for you, as much as they are interviewing you.

7. promote your personal brand

LinkedIn can serve as an online professional profile - update it with your skills, achievements and interests. Demonstrate your passion for a particular industry or topic by following thought leaders and perhaps even publishing your own ideas. If you have the opportunity to ask for a recommendation, you should put in the request.

8. upskill

Conduct a self-assessment of your current skills and the skills required to land your dream role. If there are gaps in your ability, one of the best things to do is invest time and money in attending a training course to bridge these gaps.

9. grab a coffee

Before you rush into your job search, take time to think about your career goals and get as much information about your career choice, the culture across different companies, industry landscape and trends.  Reach out to professionals to pick their brain. If you don't know them, find out how you can reach them and simply offer to  invite them for coffee because you're interested to gain their insights.

10. speak to a recruiter

Recruiters who specialise in a particular space will have a lot of information on company, skills requirements, and even jobs that are not on JobsDB. Reach out to as many recruiters to gain wider exposure to job opportunities as well as industry insights.

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