During the Randstad Award 2016 at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, we caught up with Jeremy Sampsell, Singapore HR Manager, who shared more about ExxonMobil's employer brand.

What defines ExxonMobil’s employer brand?

Our brand is really about the representation of consistent practices, approaches, how to engage the market. It’s a representation of a number of years of talking to the public, talking to our target audience, constructing the right kinds of engagements, and then ultimately getting to where when somebody comes into the workforce, they see exactly what we’ve been talking about so that we have an authentic representation of what it is to work for ExxonMobil.

What elements make up ExxonMobil’s employer brand?

It’s a lot of elements. We talk about structured development for employees, we talk about coaching, mentoring. There’s a heavy investment in our employees. We have a large base here. We started small – if you go back to 1965, we had under a hundred, we now have over 3,300 and we continually invest in them, and it’s really that investment that becomes the brand. Many of us will know us as sort of a station or by Mobil 1 that’s on the shelf, ExxonMobil itself. You really have to do a little bit of the digging, you do the research when you’re interested in a career, and then when you come in and do the interviews, that’s when you really get to know us and see how that brand from the employees’ perspective really shows up.

How does ExxonMobil invest in their staff to keep engagement high?

Part of our investment in our workforce is not only on-the-job coaching, mentoring – it’s formal training for both management and for technical skills. We make a continuous investment in our workforce. And why would we do that? Because the industry, the segment that we are in, is capital-intensive, is knowledge-intensive, and it’s the contributions, the ideas, the creativity of our workforce that allows us to compete in the market, so that investment is really important to us and we have a structured process that we go through for our workforce.

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