During the Randstad Award 2016 at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, we caught up with Ho Seng Chee, Head, Group Human Resources, who shared more about CapitaLand's employer brand.

what are the key elements of CapitaLand’s employer brand?

Well, at CapitaLand our credo is “building people, building communities”, investing in our people, so that’s through both structured training as well as through rotations in different jobs throughout their careers. And by building communities that’s the way we see real estate, not just as a representation of physical space, but as an enabler that allows us to bring people and communities together. So a key part of our “building communities” credo is also the CSR programme. Our employees feel energised when they participate in these programmes. As you can see, whether it’s in our business, our HR policies or our CSR programme, the constant is always a focus on people.

how does CapitaLand’s employer brand stand out?

A big benefit of being CapitaLand is our size and our visibility, so the employer brand is successful because the business is successful – the two are tied together inextricably. So we are present especially in Singapore and also increasingly overseas. Our products are very visible, from shopping malls to condominiums to office buildings. I think that gives us great ability to be recognised in the market and I think this is the best thing one can do for the employer brand, which is to have business success.

how have CapitaLand’s talent attraction and retention efforts benefited from its employer brand?

Being a good employer brand allows us to attract the top applicants, the best quality applicants, so we start off with a very good base. Throughout all levels of our organisation, when a recruitment ad goes out, we get the best CVs and the best applicants coming to us. And with a good employer brand, our attrition rate is also lower, so that allows us to train our people for a longer period of time and they can be more productive over a longer period of time in the company. And thirdly, long-staying employees and experienced employees are the best trainers for new recruits which we bring into the organisation. So these three platforms allow us to have a self-reinforcing cycle for our employer brand.

about Randstad Award Singapore

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