During the Randstad Award 2016 at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, we caught up with Karen Brown, Brand Senior Manager, who shared more about Deloitte's employer brand.

What elements make up Deloitte’s employer band?

“What’s your Deloitte” employer value proposition was created as not just to be a brand – it’s a verbal and visual summary of what Deloitte provides as an employer as well as allowing talent to customise how they want their talent experience to be. We offer unrivalled opportunities to do what matters most for our talent and make an impact that matters on our clients, people and society. We use this for both our internal and external audiences in order to provide a consistent experience across the board.

How does this impact the experience on an individual level?

We try to look at each candidate as an individual with different wants and needs, and not just talk to them like they are interchangeable talent. In addition to that, we allow them to really be themselves and to customise how they want their working experience to be. In professional services, we know that the hours can be long and the demands can be great, so we try to ensure there’re plenty of opportunities to have fun, relax, play games, as well as build relationships.

How has Deloitte benefited from its employer brand?

Through our employer branding strategies, we have managed to attract a higher calibre of talent as well as increase acceptance rates. In addition to that, we have attracted as well as recruited from a more diverse background, so not only looking at academic credentials, so this has givencf the organisation.

about Randstad Award Singapore

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