During the Randstad Award 2016 at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, we caught up with Kirby Zhang, Director, Human Resources, who shared more about P&G's employer brand.

how does P&G’s employer brand stand out?

As a company we learn from the industry, we learn from the best practices in the industry as well, and also we create our own kinds of innovative programmes as a company. I think if you compare with the industry, one of the signature employer branding kind of employer equity is built from within.

We recruit people from school and develop them in the company and retain them in the company. Of course, we build around this philosophy and practice.

We have put a lot of programmes in place, including the best-in-class work-life balance programmes, the best-in-class personal lobbying programmes, and also the training and development, and of course rewards and recognition as well. So those are the things we do to make the employer branding strong in the industry.

how has P&G benefitted from its employer brand?

The candidates that we attract and also when they join the company and stay with the company they are very, very much looking to the company’s reputation, the employer brand. In fact, we have benefited a lot from the employer brand, with the strong employer brand equity.

Over the past years, we had very, very good results in terms of retention. Our retention rate is pretty good; single digit attrition rate. And also we have pretty good attraction in schools, so in general, our past rate in terms of recruiting is 0.1%, which means every 700 or 800 candidates, we would have since selected one. So we are very, very happy and proud of it.

about Randstad Award Singapore

Celebrating its 5th anniversary this year in Singapore and its 16th edition globally, the Randstad Employer Brand Research is presented each year to the most attractive employer in 25 markets across the globe. It is based on the outcome of one of the world’s largest independent survey into employer branding, covering over 200,000 global respondents and 75% of the global economy. For more information about the Randstad Employer Brand Research and how it can impact your organisation's employer brand, take a look at this list of frequently asked questions.

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