In a highly competitive and talent-scarce labour market, today’s workforce has made flexible, equitable work a business imperative.

In our 2024 Workmonitor survey, 49% of Singapore’s workforce said they would leave jobs that require them to work in the office more often. Gen Zers are the most likely to feel this way, with 69% of them agreeing with this statement.

randstad singapore 2024 workmonitor research
randstad singapore 2024 workmonitor research

The survey also reveals that 42% of Singaporeans would not accept a job that is too inflexible. This is especially prominent amongst Gen Z employees, who would not work for a business that does not provide enough flexibility around their working hours (68%) and location (61%).

work flexibility is a must-have for singaporean job seekers

The study reveals a growing disconnect between talent expectations and employer practices regarding work flexibility.

We found that two-thirds of respondents have committed to significant life choices, like moving houses or getting pets, with the expectation that flexible work will continue. This suggests a strong desire for flexibility to be the new way of working, rather than simply being a temporary pandemic-related measure.

Despite wanting to work from home more often, 67% of respondents reported their employers have become stricter about working at the office. Younger generations - Gen Z (74%) and millennials (72%) - feel this disconnect more acutely.

talent will quit if needed to spend more time in the office
talent will quit if needed to spend more time in the office

While the flexible work movement may have begun during the COVID-19 pandemic, employees continue to desire the flexibility to manage work alongside their lives. Employers will need to approach flexible work with intentionality when adjusting their workforce strategies.

The frustration among the workforce with inflexibility can be seen in the survey results, as 26% of respondents have quit their jobs before due to the lack of work flexibility.

Having a holistic understanding of their workforce’s unique priorities is critical for employers to offer the flexibility and diversity they need. Flexible work can also help organisations meet their diversity and inclusion goals as it includes more varied individuals into the workforce, such as caregivers and persons with disabilities.

Rather than mandating a physical presence at work, employers can empower their workforce to be more productive and engaged by fostering an equitable environment and merit-based value system.

singaporean workers seek socially-aware employers

Social and environmental issues are on the minds of many Singaporeans in a digitally-connected business landscape. They seek employers who share their values and actively work towards measurable outcomes.

talent want to work for sustainable companies
talent want to work for sustainable companies

This is particularly true for the younger generations, with 67% of Gen Zers expressing the strongest desire to work for companies that are making a proactive effort to be sustainable. While still an important factor across generations, only 28% of Gen Xers aged between 43 and 58 years old share the sentiment.

Organisational diversity and equity are also major deciding factors for talent when choosing an employer, as 4 in 10 (39%) professionals would not accept a role at a company that lacks diversity and inclusion initiatives.

In the survey, respondents ranked the top 3 most important equity, diversity, and inclusion policies in their current and future employment as: 

  • family leave for all employees (53%)
  • diverse workforce (47%)
  • gender pay equity (46%)

Companies that champion diverse leadership, gender pay equity and inclusion are talent magnets, especially in today’s more socially-aware workforce. These organisations stand to attract and retain more varied, high-quality talent who are passionate about driving the same goals and making a positive impact through their work.

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