By Jaya Dass, Country Director, Randstad Singapore

A meaningful connection to something bigger than oneself is a core reason why people are attracted and committed to a cause or organisation.

The best companies succeed for that exact same reason.

employer branding and employee retention

Beyond business performance, these companies also exist for a larger purpose and connection to society. The company, and what it stands for, makes the employer brand and continues to spurt a life of its own beyond the confines of the office. If positioned correctly, the brand becomes the main reason why employees are attracted to a company and, more importantly, remain loyal.

That's been my experience with my employer. I have stayed even after my managers, roles and even a global CEO have changed over eight years. Why? Because the Randstad brand means something to me and is the primary reason why competitors fail to poach me.

The grass is often pitched as greener on the other side - bigger salary, bigger portfolio, better benefits, and the list goes on. Is it real and tangible? Quite possibly. I am not alone in my loyalty to my organisation - my colleagues would attest to that.

People stay because there is a connection to something intangible. Ask any Apple die-hard fan - they will tell you they will stick to the brand even if there is a better competitor product.

What about the Apple employee? Would they work for a competitor with whom they have no connection to? Often not. That's why when you work on your company brand, your employer branding takes shape naturally. Candidates join you because work with you has a broader meaning, a bigger purpose to turn up every day and perform at their best.

If an organisation’s purpose is clearly defined and its value showcased to its end users, then the company brand develops a employee value proposition naturally. Over time, this trumps all hygiene factors.

So how can companies make employees stay? Remind them what the company stands for and how it makes a difference to society. That is the brand your employees are attracted to.

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