4 tips to enhance your employer brand


1. reinforce the value of investing in your employer brand

Your employer brand requires ongoing nurturing and attention, so continue to educate internally. Whether it’s hiring managers who help deliver training or marketing teams asked to help monitor social media, keep your stakeholders close to the progress and outcomes of their efforts.

2. don’t stop assessing

Auditing your candidate experience and other components of your brand shouldn’t be a one-time exercise. A broken link on your career portal or a frustrating application process can detract from your brand so make sure to regularly evaluate touchpoints that you have full control over.

3. have a digital strategy

By the time candidates reach your job application page, they have already performed research on your company. According to Glassdoor, 70% of candidates use employer reviews in their decision-making, and most will refer to as many as six different sources in their research. In this digital and social age, HR must collaborate with Marketing and IT to champion a great candidate and employee experience.

4. revisit the business case

Your initial investment may not be sufficient to address all of the gaps in your employer brand. You may have to lobby for additional budget to remedy shortcomings in your brand strategy.

employer brand strength assessment

The employer brand strength assessment (EBSA) audits your digital employer brand presence, providing insights on user experience, career site performance, brand perceptions, competitive benchmarking and more. We provide a quantitative assessment with recommendations to better articulate your employer brand and maximise recruitment marketing campaigns.