The changing nature of job scopes has increasingly been attributed to the waves of digitalisation. As a result, jobs have drastically augmented and new opportunities are being created to fulfill sophisticated customer demands.

In a world where candidates are much more well-informed and employers are facing real challenges in hiring talent with the right skills and capabilities, the employer brand has never been more important.

How can we reach out to new and fresh talent who have what it takes to embrace change and drive businesses? We spoke with five of the best employers to work for in the world to find out more about their talent attraction and workforce management strategies in ensuring that they only have the best and greatest talent.

win the war for talent with a strong employer brand.

While business changes take place, it is imperative that your employer brand remains formidable. Your employer brand is the image of how people - employees, candidates, stakeholders, family and friends - view you as an employer. It is not just what you say about yourself, but what everyone else says about you.

Companies with an attractive employer brand can gain easier access to a wider talent pool, enjoy stronger employee loyalty due to higher engagement, and further benefit from a diverse and productive workforce.

an inside view into five of the world’s most attractive employers.

The 2019 Standing Out book features in-depth interviews with five of the world’s best employers to work for in the eyes of 200,000 employees and job seekers from across 32 markets.

The interviews highlight the extent to which these disruptive new realities are encouraging businesses to challenge conventional assumptions about employer branding and talent acquisition.

  • In-depth interviews with HR experts from the five of the best companies to work for in the world - Philips, AkzoNobel, CLP Power Hong Kong Limited, Volvo Car Group and Nestlé
  • Emerging strong and sustaining employer brand through organisational transformation
  • Relation between employer branding, employee experience and candidate experience
  • Creating an authentic and multi-pronged employer brand strategy to attract today’s audiences

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