A new Randstad Singapore study reveals a crucial factor for employee retention: career progression. 32% of respondents in the study reported resigning from a previous job due to a lack of advancement opportunities.

46% of respondents reported having strong career aspirations, while around 68% want to take on more managerial responsibilities - 21% higher than the global average. This highlights the growing importance for employers in Singapore to invest in talent development and create clear pathways for career advancement.

randstad singapore 2024 workmonitor
randstad singapore 2024 workmonitor

The survey further indicates a significant appetite for promotions, with 42% of respondents stating they will leave their current role if not offered one. The ambition extends to the recruitment stage, as half would reject a job altogether if it lacked the potential for promotion.

future-proof careers: singaporean workers prioritise upskilling

The study reveals a fundamental gap between employee perceptions of training and what their employers are offering. While 71% of respondents said that their employers provide them with the training and development opportunities they want, only half felt their employers were actively helping them develop skills for the future.

The study also highlights a growing sense of individual responsibility for upskilling. 40% of respondents said that they will not accept a job if it did not offer training to future-proof their skills. Furthermore, 1 in 3 would quit their jobs if they are unable to future-proof their skills.

singaporeans look for jobs to upskill
singaporeans look for jobs to upskill

To advance in their careers, employees often need to be prepared to take on a broader and diverse range of responsibilities, driving their desire for continuous learning and development. In the survey, respondents ranked their top 3 priorities for upskilling as:

  • AI (39%)
  • IT and tech literacy, and data science / analytics (29%)
  • management and leadership skills (23%)

In a world powered by AI and data analytics, job seekers are increasingly deciding which employer to work for based on how well companies prepare them for jobs of the future. Singaporeans have a proactive mindset where upskilling is concerned, especially with the recent push from the government.

To strengthen their workforces and help them hone their skills alongside technology, employers will need to meet employees in the middle by providing guidance on potential career pathways and invest in their development.

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The drive for upskilling, especially amidst governmental support, indicates Singaporeans' proactive approach to learning. Employers who are able to align with employees' needs by guiding them through potential career paths and investing in their professional development, particularly in areas essential for future job markets, stand to connect with a highly skilled and engaged talent pool to strengthen their workforce.

Download the 2024 Workmonitor to inform your workforce strategy with in-depth industry insights, key talent expectations and up-to-date salary benchmarks for greater business success. The 2024 Workmonitor researched the perspectives of 759 employees and job seekers who are based in Singapore about their career expectations and experiences.

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