COVID-19 has spurred a “rush to innovate” to create new opportunities or fill the gaps in the market. Singapore’s highly-integrated start-up ecosystem provides entrepreneurs with funds and access to resources to realise their aspirations and contribute to the digital economy.

millennial entrepreneurs singapore
millennial entrepreneurs singapore

2 in 5 may quit their jobs to start a business

41% are considering leaving their current jobs to start their own business. This sentiment is highest among younger workers, with 51% of respondents aged 25-34 as compared to 20% of respondents aged 55 and above feeling so.

However, the current pandemic has increased the reliance on employers and the government to secure the jobs and livelihood of workers. Even as resources are widely available, employees and job seekers will need to have an open mind and embrace a life-long learning attitude to secure their place in the workforce. The next few months would be critical to businesses, and employers need a committed workforce that is agile, creative and highly-skilled to emerge stronger.

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