Many companies assume that younger workers’ sense of entitlement and inability to endure hardships are the reasons for the constant job-hopping.

However, studies and anecdotal evidence from several companies have consistently suggested that Generation-Z employees leave their current jobs because they want to work for employers that are more aligned with their personal values and goals. Some have even suggested that Gen-Zers, who were born between 1995 and 2015, are much more pragmatic than what other generations paint them to be.

what does Gen Z value in the workplace
what does Gen Z value in the workplace

what does gen z want in the workplace

Our youngest generation of workers are confident about their abilities and competencies and they value their freedom and personal time greatly. Being more ambitious is one key characteristics of a Gen-Z. They are pragmatic and are excited about working on projects that can also benefit their communities. In fact, any infringement will make Gen-Zers feel like they have to compromise and be forced to choose between their professional and personal life.

A career should help them grow as a person and it is important that the environment is exciting, engaging and full of learning opportunities.

To retain the gen Z employees, more and more companies are offering robust benefits and new initiatives to appeal to Gen-Z workers. Employee benefits are great for attracting job seekers as they are usually aimed at promoting a healthier lifestyle to increase productivity and creativity. It is recommended for employers to develop targeted benefits that cater and appeal to the different generations as a way to attract and retain them.

key highlights of the 2020 gen-z employer brand report:

  • Understanding generation-z’s employer expectations
  • Human capital development for generation-z workers
  • Creating work opportunities that are aligned with the gen-z’s purpose and values
  • Employee benefits that will help drive work productivity

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