Being the generation before millennials, Gen-Xers have spent years cultivating the necessary skills and experience that helped them progress in their careers.

Despite being highly-skilled for the job, a Metlife report found that compared to other generations, Generation-X employees have the lowest job satisfaction. Known as the sandwich generation and who were born between 1965 and 1980, Gen-X workers often feel that their salary either does not reflect their loyalty to the organisation or their work contributions.

While an employee’s dissatisfaction could be due to a lack of challenges at work, most Generation-X respondents cited ‘attractive salary and benefits’ as the top employee value proposition (EVP) factor that they look for in an ideal employer.

what does generation-x want in the workplace

Singapore is one of the most expensive cities to live, and it is understandable that Generation-X workers want a job that pays them well enough to meet their basic needs and a little more. However, as the opportunities to be promoted reduce due to the limited number of seats at the top level, Gen-Xers tend to receive smaller salary increments every year. After a few years of staying in the same position, it should not come as a surprise that generation-X employees are likely to look for a new job opportunity that will give them a salary increment and title promotion.

Even as job seeking tendencies may pause as employees liken a favour towards job and income stability, the itch to switch employers will happen again once the market recovers. Companies need to recognise the additional work that the Generation-X workers have put into their jobs. During this pandemic, Gen-X employees in the workplace have made many difficult decisions to sustain the business, and rewarding them appropriately will help retain these valuable talent in the organisation.

how to work with generation x
how to work with generation x

key highlights of the guide:

  • be more involved and aligned with the Gen X employees’ expectations.
  • be invested in your employees’ career development.
  • offer vacation benefits.

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