Healthcare companies will need to strengthen their technology and communication capabilities to be better prepared for the future of healthcare, which will be highly digital and collaborative. As the industry evolves, what are the new skills and experience that employers are looking for?

Find out the trends that are transforming the healthcare and life sciences industry.

singapore healthcare industry
singapore healthcare industry

hiring for highly skilled talent for value-add jobs

One key quality that employers are searching for is the ability to navigate an ever-changing ambiguous and highly-digitised environment. This refers to the flexibility, grit and willingness to experiment and take risks as well as the learning agility that is needed to manoeuvre through uncharted territories.

In this Life Sciences Market Insights report, we explore the up-and-coming skills and jobs in pharmaceuticals, biomanufacturing and medical technology.

the rise of e-commerce in healthcare industry

The online healthcare landscape has been developing exponentially because of a rise in digitalisation and increasing use of the internet and mobile applications. Medical applications such as tele-medicine and tele-consultations are just a few of the new solutions revolutionising the healthcare industry.

According to Markets and Markets, the market to sell medical equipment online is swiftly growing by 6.8% between 2019 and 2021. The online retailing space presents itself as an opportunity for companies to make healthcare more accessible. Companies that are successful in the digital world do have only have to comply with local regulations, they must also build cybersecurity capabilities and ensure a positive customer experience.

building an engaged and productive workforce

Similar to how companies expect their employees to be agile, employers must also be flexible when it comes to evaluating performances. Companies should also look at developing KPIs that focus on building customer engagement and trust.

This report provides employers with ideas of how to finetune their performance measurements to reflect the way we work in today’s environment.

Besides these new benchmarks, there is an increasing expectation on employers to provide adequate support during remote working. For instance, marking projects with short-term milestones can drive employee accountability and help them exercise more flexibility and agility in the way they work, play and live.

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Our latest report reexamines how the COVID-19 outbreak has shifted the labour demand dynamics in the healthcare sector and how you can motivate your employees to remain competitive. In the report you'll find:

  • new skills demands to drive innovation within the healthcare sector
  • digitising healthcare processes to improve access and customer experience.
  • measuring performance when the world of work changes overnight

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download the complimentary ‘life sciences employment market trends’ report.

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