The technology industry is no stranger to the gig economy. In fact, tech companies were the ones to spearhead this HR trend. A blended workforce brings expertise, diversity and creativity to the organisation - factors that are critical to tech companies today.

Online platforms, developed and built by our very own tech firms, help us connect, share memories and exchange ideas with our family and friends. It is also a space where companies can connect with professionals to build a community of tech experts. These platforms create a level playing field between employer and employee, as it focusses solely on the skills, looking beyond age, gender, location and background.

7 in-demand contract technology jobs and salary guide

A flexible workforce gives tech companies the speed they need to be a pioneer in the market, as they have the future-forward talent to spearhead new initiatives. Here are the top three most in-demand roles that companies are seeking and their salary ranges:

  • Full-Stack Developer
    SGD5,000 to SGD12,000 per month (depending on experience and skills maturity).
  • System Engineer with Cloud Experience
    SGD6,000 to SGD15,000 per month.
  • Business Analyst
    SGD7,000 to SGD15,000 per month.
contract hiring trends in technology industry
contract hiring trends in technology industry

increasing demand for gig workers in technology industry

Even as the number of STEM-related jobs surged in the past 10 years, which is highly attributed to the increasing number of tech firms in Singapore, the number of STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) graduates had declined over the same period.

Therefore, companies are often reaching out to the same pool of tech talent during the recruitment process. In an effort to quickly secure professionals before they get snatched up by competing firms, employers are handing out contract roles to cut the interview process short. This rare talent recruiting approach gives line managers extra time to obtain necessary internal approvals to present a permanent offer at a later date.

There are also some tech roles that are project-based in nature. These roles facilitate the flow of ideas and learnings within the community, which can drive innovation. Their exposure to different environments and teams enable them to find the best and fastest solution to some of the roadblocks that tech companies face.

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