Singapore has overtaken Silicon Valley as the world's number one location for start-up talent. Its pro-tech investment policy stance and close proximity to emerging markets such as Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia have created new and exciting career opportunities for local tech talent.

In addition to the technology market, other key industries such as manufacturing and supply chain, financial services and healthcare are all actively seeking knowledge-based workers to improve technology efficiency and identify business expansion opportunities.

tech talent shortage responsible for raising salary ceiling

Firms are willing to pay a premium to secure technology experts equipped with in-demand skills. In addition to competitive salaries, some start-ups are even offering their employees ownership through equity. This motivates tech talent to work smarter and harder, as they have a vested interest in maximising their earnings.

Hiring activities will continue to remain active, which is largely driven by new technologies such as automation, robotics as well as machine learning and artificial intelligence. New ‘frontier technologies’ such as agritech, medtech and fintech, are also emerging areas where specialised tech experts are in high demand. As a result, IT roles will continue to be one of the highest-paying jobs in Singapore.

Randstad Employer Brand Research Technology Best Employers EVP
Randstad Employer Brand Research Technology Best Employers EVP

based on the results from 2019 Employer Brand Research, the report highlights:

  • The importance of giving tech talent the flexibility to carve their own career path.
  • How to interact and reward tech talent in a traditional environment.
  • The employer branding factors that tech talent look for in an ideal employer.

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