• Randstad Singapore launches its employee well-being initiative to promote and enable better work-life balance and mental well-being. 
  • Randstad corporate employees are allowed to work from anywhere around the world for up to 4 weeks every year. 

Randstad - one of the world’s leading talent recruitment and HR recruitment companies - today launched its “WorkAway programme” to Randstad Singapore’s corporate employees. 

The Randstad’s WorkAway Programme is a new branch of the company’s all-embracing hybrid work strategy as the organisation continues to transform itself to live with COVID-19 and beyond. Under this new well-being initiative, corporate employees will be allowed to work from anywhere around the world with greater flexibility for up to four weeks in a calendar year.

Jaya Dass, Managing Director at Randstad Singapore, said, “We recognised that many of our employees haven’t been able to take a proper break to travel to see their loved ones or to experience joyous moments in their lives during the pandemic. With this new initiative, we aim to provide our employees with the option to travel for an extended period of time to absorb new cultures, spend time with their loved ones and create meaningful moments without having to make any sacrifices to their careers.” 

“We are a diverse organisation and it is critical to us that we are able to improve and support our staff’s well-being. Over the past two years, some of our employees were separated from their families and could not be present for some of life’s special moments and occasions, such as their partner’s birthdays or their child’s first words. This should never have to happen and we hope that this new initiative can help them create more meaningful memories with their loved ones,” Dass added.

how do you promote well-being in the workplace
how do you promote well-being in the workplace

positive results from randstad singapore’s workaway pilot programme

The WorkAway programme was piloted in June 2021 and is officially launched to all recruitment consultants and corporate support employees with effect from January 2022. 

Speaking about his experience with Randstad’s Workaway programme, Senior Director of Information Technology, Daljit Sall said, “With the evolving travel restrictions and new COVID-19 variants emerging, it can be very stressful and challenging to travel because you’ll never know what to expect. Now that remote work has become an ordinary affair at Randstad, it’s not that different to do it from anywhere. Most importantly, having the opportunity to travel and work remotely has brought me closer with my family and friends back in the UK during this period of time.”

Regional Corporate Communications and Employer Branding Manager, Alistar Lien also shared her experiences, “I’ve always travelled to meet new people, go to new places and try new flavours. After having the opportunity to work remotely in Melbourne, I’ve learned that work has always been about what we do and not where we do it from. The escapade had also taught me how I could improve my work-life balance, which I’ll continue to work on back home in Singapore.”

As the employees in Randstad Singapore search for their new footing in a new preset of social and work definitions, the company aims to empower and enable their employees to forge a better future for our clients, talent and the larger community.

Dass also shared, “A very big part of being successful in the recruitment industry is to be able to understand the perspectives of people from different walks of life. We encourage our employees to explore the world and meet new people along the way. We believe that by taking care of our employees, we’re empowering them to create more positive experiences for our clients and talent.”

a consistent focus on workforce well-being

Randstad Singapore has previously announced a two-day paid COVID-19 vaccine leave to its corporate employees in April 2021. The company is extending this benefit and providing staff with an additional day of paid COVID-19 vaccine leave in 2022 to encourage employees to take the booster shot once it’s made available to them. 

This new paid leave is offered in addition to the medical leave that Randstad employees are entitled to. Randstad Singapore’s corporate employees can apply for the COVID-19 vaccine leave to rest at home and monitor their health after receiving the booster shot. 

about randstad

Randstad is the global leader in the HR services industry. We support people and organisations in realising their true potential by combining the power of today’s technology with our passion for people. We call it Human Forward. In 2020, we helped nearly two million candidates find meaningful career opportunities with more than 236,000 clients. Furthermore, we trained close to 350,000 people. Randstad is active in 38 markets around the world and has a top-three position in almost half of these. In 2020, Randstad had on average 34,680 corporate employees and generated revenue of € 20.7 billion. 

Randstad was founded in 1960 and is headquartered in Diemen, the Netherlands. Randstad N.V. is listed on the NYSE Euronext. 

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