Operating in a robust global economy, the financial services sector is experiencing its most transformative times in recent history.

As digitalisation, automation, and globalisation continues to accelerate, employers in the financial services industry are reassessing the skill sets they will need and nurture in for the near- and long-term future. That’s why it’s more important than ever for banks, investment companies and others in the finance industry to not just attract great talent, but also to train and upskill the existing banking and finance workforce services.

Randstad Employer Brand Research Global Financial Services Report 2019
Randstad Employer Brand Research Global Financial Services Report 2019

talent needs are changing in light of critical digital disruption

Being able to attract talent from the technology sector will be critical for banks and investment companies, which are building similar technical capabilities.

Finance firms also expect their workforce to equip themselves with technology-related skills such as data storytelling, analytics and measurements. As automation and mobile banking proliferate, companies face greater pressure to roll out innovations to their institutional and consumer customers more quickly or risk losing market share.

This is placing tremendous pressure on HR and talent acquisition leaders to source and engage with talents in banking and finance around the world.

According to the 2019 Randstad Employer Brand Research, a survey among 200,000 workers around the world, financial services companies are not seen as especially attractive employers. How can you nevertheless make sure you stand out as an employer?

our research provides insights into:

  • Besides a good remuneration package, what else do finance professionals look for in an employer
  • Gap between what financial services professionals seek and what employers offer
  • Retaining financial services professionals to power through change

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