The engineering industry is certainly one of the most important fields in the world of work today. Every part of society depends on the engineering industry to develop new products, improve quality and guarantee safety. Randstad looks at how engineering companies fared in this year’s global Employer Brand Research.

changes in the engineering industry, influence the future of workforce strategies

Accelerated by constant technological growth, the skills engineers are required to have are undergoing significant change. Covering the talent shortage within the engineering industry can be a difficult task to accomplish for many companies.

Furthermore, competition remains rife amongst engineering companies. Combined with the need for talent becoming more acute, it is challenging for engineering firms to differentiate themselves from the crowd. This is where a strong employer brand can make all the difference.

The perception of the engineering sector from a talent perspective, both inside and outside of the industry, is that it requires highly-skilled and well-educated professionals. Due to the ever-changing scope of routes and niche specialisations a person could take within engineering, the sector will continue to flourish with new growth opportunities and careers in the coming years.

The current trend for many engineering professionals is to further specialise and become more knowledgeable in a specific area. Therefore a focus on internal training programmes and subsided further education might represent an influential factor when engineers choose their future employer.

Besides being able to find new ways of adapting to the latest market trends, employers in the engineering industry should perceive the employer branding as being part of their core strategies. This will help attract engineering talent and retain highly-skilled professionals within the sector.

global engineering report
global engineering report

why talk about employer branding during a pandemic?

As we publish this year’s Randstad Employer Brand Research, we are fully aware of the new situation we are in as a result of COVID-19. The timing of the questionnaire and its results were analysed before the discovery of the virus. Since then, COVID-19 has paralysed local economies and labour markets and as a result several companies find themselves facing unprecedented challenges.

In these uncertain times, employer branding is more important than ever. The 2020 Randstad Employer Brand Research results can be very helpful in building on a sharpened employer branding strategy for your company.

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