Randstad released the 13th edition of the Employer Brand Research report in Singapore, capturing the voice of the local workforce to showcase how talent expectations change with the economy and labour markets.

Today, Singaporeans seek employers who can fulfill their need for flexibility and career advancement. In a demanding macroeconomic environment, the workforce is making career decisions with increased independence, and businesses will have to strengthen their talent management strategies to establish a more productive and meaningful bond with talent.

modern business mandates
modern business mandates

singaporeans are switching jobs in search of greater purpose at work

Between January and June this year, 35% of respondents said that they plan to change careers - an increase of 5% from the prior year. They also cited wanting to improve their work-life balance as the top reason for leaving their employers. 

Employees in Singapore are redefining what their careers mean to them, and a new work order is emerging. Beyond the paycheck, Singaporeans want overall job satisfaction and better balance. Retaining top performers while attracting new recruits who value these factors fuel a well-oiled engine of internal efficiencies and high-performing teams.

The survey also reveals that job-switching behaviour is mainly driven by the higher educated, 38% of whom switched jobs in 2024, compared to 33% last year. Amongst young professionals aged 34 and under, job-switching increased to 39% in 2024, from 33% the previous year.

work-life balance is imperative for singaporean job seekers

The desire for a better work-life balance is the top reason (41%) for respondents who consider leaving their employer this year.

Compensation remains an important motivator for job-switchers (36%), while 33% of respondents changed roles due to a lack of career development opportunities. For Gen Zers and millennials, the lack of interest in their job and career growth are also other significant push factors they consider when changing jobs.

top 3 reasons that motivate a worker to resign

1. to improve my work-life balance 41%
2. low compensation & rising cost of living
3. lack career growth opportunities

Global workforces are becoming increasingly overburdened as a decline in working-age populations and increasing expectations at work, which can have an impact on their mental health and overall stamina to perform throughout their career. 

As a result, we see workers spreading their priorities as they seek greater balance in their work-life as opposed to solely focusing on the income that their jobs can provide. Employees are proactively choosing not to work in jobs that do not fulfill them or advance their careers, given the unrelenting demand on their time and energy which frequently comes at the expense of their personal lives, mental health, and professional goals.

While contending with the strain of working in a talent-scarce business environment, individuals are depending on their employers to support them in achieving the career advancement and work-life balance they desire. In particular, young professionals will not hesitate to seek companies that support their holistic well-being.

online job search engines emerge as top resource for employment opportunities

In the digital age, job search engines have become the go-to choice for job seekers. The survey revealed that these platforms possess unparalleled reach among today’s professionals, proving to be an indispensable avenue for companies looking to tap into wider talent pools.

top 5 job search avenues for singaporeans

1. job boards or job search engines 62%
2. linkedin
3. recruitment agencies
4. public employment services
5. google

Despite the widespread availability of digital resources, personal networking and connections continue to prove useful and vital in helping Singaporeans secure new employment opportunities.

Today, recruitment agencies provide a necessary human touch in the job search journey that allows professionals to smoothly navigate a complex employment landscape, giving employers the unique opportunity to leverage job seekers’ preferences to grow their brand value.

Recruiters have the distinct ability to delve deeper into important factors such as work environment or career growth, interpret employer values and communicate them to talent who share the same values, ensuring a better culture fit and alignment between professionals and employers.

register early interest: 2024 employer brand research report 

Randstad - the world’s largest talent company - today revealed early findings of its 13th annual Employer Brand Research in Singapore. Conducted by Kantar TNS in January 2024, the study surveyed 173,000 respondents around the world, including 2,602 individuals in Singapore, making it the world’s most comprehensive employer branding research based on general audience perceptions. 

The Employer Brand Research is the world’s most comprehensive and in-depth research. The full research report from the survey that includes data on employee value proposition as well as attitudes towards AI developments and equity will be released by Randstad Singapore on 4 July 2024. 

You can click here to register early interest and be one of the first ones to receive it in your mailbox. 

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