With a stable political environment, an expanding economy and a competitive workforce, Singapore is poised for greater economic growth. One of the by-products of having an expanding economy is that people are receiving more job opportunities. There are instances of some job seekers receiving more than two job offers, on top of a counteroffer from their current employer.

In such a competitive landscape, a strong and compelling employer brand can set you apart from your competition. An employer brand is not who or what you say you are. It is about how you show who you are to your employees and job seekers alike. It is a formulated perception that others have of you based on what they have read online and in the news. It is the experiences that your employees and alumni have with you and what other people are sharing about you.

In our years coaching and interviewing candidates, we know without a doubt that most people want to work with a reputable company that can help them develop their skills and build their careers. Employers need to know what motivates their employees more than ever. This means understanding their pains and gains, as well as helping them deepen their capabilities and skill sets so that they can succeed.

Which is why Randstad invests in an independent global research on employer branding. We believe we can add value to our clients' talent acquisition and retention strategies by offering unparalleled insights into job seekers’ motivations.

The Randstad Employer Brand Research is one of the most comprehensive and independent research on employer branding in the world. It uncovers job seekers’ career motivations and key drivers when looking for an ideal employer, and reveals why they choose to stay or leave their current employer.

keep up with employees’ lifestyles

We are very dependent on our mobile devices when it comes to completing daily tasks. From buying air tickets, getting food delivered to our doorsteps and replying work emails, we do almost everything on our smartphones. In fact, Singaporeans spend more than 12 hours on our digital devices. It is with this easy access to technology that has made us feel compelled to be ‘always-on’, even if it means replying emails at 1 am. However, being available 24/7 may adversely cause stress and lower overall work productivity.

Companies looking to build a standout brand need to start embracing a more flexible work culture to help employees achieve work-life harmony. This is backed by the results of this year’s research that showed 64% of people in Singapore want to join a company that supports work-life balance.

So how can companies support flexible work arrangements? I believe it truly starts from dedicating time to understand your employees’ needs and challenges, so that you can create and nurture a workplace culture that supports better work-life harmony. While these discussions may seem challenging and you may not be able to commit to anything immediately, you will be surprised that some employees actually require very little from you to help them be more productive and strike the balance between work and personal needs. Even if you can only afford to implement one or two initiatives, that is better than having none at all.

Companies who have successfully implemented work-life initiatives into their business strategies believe it could address one or more of their employees’ needs. These include the ability to better attract and/or retain talent, raise morale, increase productivity, combat burnout or stay ahead of the competition. That is why in today’s fiercely competitive job market, the company with a sustainable work-life strategy will undoubtedly stand out as an employer of choice, even more so as work-life balance increasingly becomes a baseline expectation for the local workforce.

shining homegrown brands

Every year, the Randstad Employer Brand Research gives recognition to companies in Singapore (and all across the world) with the most attractive employer brand. As a Singaporean, it is always heartening to see homegrown brands like Singapore Airlines, Changi Airport Group and DBS win the title of 2018 Most Attractive Employers, both on a market level and within their industry sector.

A strong employer brand is what makes the difference between a good employer and a great employer. It is no longer enough for people to be aware of how much bonus your staff have just received or that you have a swanky new office in the CBD area. A strong employer brand is one that convinces people to believe in you and root for your success. Embodying your values, culture and workplace environment, your employer brand offers a promise, which, if fulfilled, can bring high returns on investment.

This is the seventh year that Randstad has studied the career motivation drivers of more than 3,500 employees and job seekers in Singapore. Connect with us for a year-on-year recruitment trend analysis and gain insights into what people are looking for, and what drives them to leave or stay with their employers.

randstad blue suite

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