what personal data do we collect about you?

When you are a contractor or temporary worker on an assignment at one of our clients, we may process personal data about you such as:

  • Identification information – your name, contact information (including home address, home phone number and mobile phone number), citizenship and country of residence, date of birth, (in exceptional cases) gender, digital signature and languages spoken.
  • Professional information – we may process personal data related to your work including (without limitation) your job title, description and location, your department, professional email address, reporting levels, and employment status (full-time/part-time/etc.).
  • Assessments & background check information - this may include criminal background and credit checks, reference checks, work rights status, as well as aptitude and psychological assessment results.
  • Financial information – financial information including (without limitation) your bank account number, bank details, tax number.
  • Salary information – we may process salary information including (without limitation) recurring payments and benefits, your bonus.
  • Performance-related information – performance-related information including (without limitation) information on your performance reviews.
  • Disciplinary information - information relating to disciplinary measures taken against you, if any.
  • Grievance information – In order to assist in the reporting of grievances and (suspected) misconduct within the Randstad Group of companies, we have established dedicated channels through which stakeholders may voice concerns, either through local reporting mechanisms in place at the level of the local Randstad Group companies or, for serious misconduct (including whistleblowing), through our Integrity Line, the Randstad Group reporting facility. Whenever we receive a grievance report or a report about (suspected) misconduct we may process personal data related to the complainant, the other individuals mentioned in the complaint and the person(s) that is/are subject of the complaint and/or of the investigation into the complaint. 
  • Government issued identifiers – government issued identifiers including (without limitation) the national identification number, social insurance number and social security number, as legally required.
  • CV/resumes and other recruitment information – your CV/resume and other relevant information (such as your photograph, interview notes and information included in the cover letter or as part of the application process).
  • Travel and expense data – travel and accommodation information and expenses including (without limitation) travel itineraries, hotel and travel reward cards.
  • Information you choose to share with us – information you choose to share with us, including (without limitation) information you share when using IT support or calling the helpline, and information about you that may be conveyed by your use of a webcam in communicating with us. 
  • Information related to identification/access control cards – employee identification and access control cards may contain your name, photograph, employee number and may be linked to other details on record (department, phone number, license plate).
  • CCTV footage – we may process footage of you obtained through our use of CCTV surveillance systems.
  • Survey results – we may process your responses to questions in employee surveys.
  • Information related to your usage of Randstad devices, software and access to Randstad’s network – we may process information related to your use of our devices, software and access to our networks, including (without limitation) your browsing history, your use of email, internet and social media, whether at the workplace, on our equipment or otherwise through our networks. 
  • Visitor information – when accessing our buildings, we may collect your name, contact details, car plate number, identification, etc. for security reasons. Where we are legally required to do so we may also ask you to disclose information about your health (including information related to viral infections, flu, etc.) for health and safety reasons.
  • Trade sanctions information relating to you - we may verify whether you are a politically exposed person, a specially designated national or otherwise subject to sanctions under applicable laws or regulations.

why do we need your personal data?

Your personal data will be processed for the purpose of managing the employer-employee relationship between Randstad and you and all the matters that may arise therefrom, including without limitation purposes related to performance, evaluation, discipline, policy and/or legal compliance. 

As such, your personal data may be processed for the purpose of:

  • your actual or possible work placement/assignment with a Client;
  • checking your work rights status with any government department or body (or their agents);
  • checking your ability to enter the workplace in accordance with prevailing government advisories and/or regulations;
  • where legally permitted, to undertake directly or through agents a criminal reference check with relevant government agencies, background checks or credit checks;
  • payment for work completed on a temporary/contract assignment;
  • to follow up with you to offer you work or ascertain your availability for work;
  • your performance appraisals;
  • our analysis and/or assessment of your ongoing performance and/or prospects;
  • any test or assessment (including medical tests and assessments) that you might be required to undergo;
  • our identification of your training needs;
  • any workplace rehabilitation;
  • our management of any complaint, investigation or inquiry in which you are involved;
  • any insurance claim or proposal that requires disclosure of your personal data;
  • analysing your data to share job opportunities which are of a better fit or which matches your requirements closer; and
  • ensuring our internal business processes are running smoothly which may include quality assurance audits, quality and services evaluations, fulfilling legal requirements and conducting confidential systems maintenance and testing.

how long do we keep your personal data?

We may retain your personal data for as long as it is necessary to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected, or as required or permitted by applicable laws. We will cease to retain your personal data, or remove the means by which the data can be associated with you, as soon as it is reasonable to assume that such retention no longer serves the purpose for which the personal data was collected, and is no longer necessary for legal or business purposes.