7 in 10 survey respondents in Singapore ranked ‘attractive salary & benefits’ as the most important employee value proposition (EVP) they look for in an ideal employer. Even though the appeal of ‘attractive salary and benefits’ dropped by 4% year-on-year, it is clear that remuneration is top-of-mind for job seekers and employees in Singapore.

Randstad - the world’s leading human resources solutions agency - today released the results of the 2022 Employer Brand Research in Singapore. Commissioned by Randstad and independently conducted by Kantar TNS, the study is the world’s most representative employer brand research that explores the motivators that drive an employee’s career choices.

singapore job seekers have high expectations on salary and benefits

There is a very high demand for skilled talent as many companies are deepening their capabilities to drive digital innovation and meet business growth goals. With the competitive labour market, employers are seen to be offering higher base salaries to attract new talent this year, especially those who work in niche industries, are equipped with specialised skills or possess in-demand skills.

top five employee value proposition in singapore
top five employee value proposition in singapore

However, employers should be aware that while high base salaries can help attract new talent, it would take more to convince job seekers to accept the role. Although attractive salaries and benefits play a critical role in making a career decision, many job seekers today are also looking for companies that can offer more employee benefits, such as comprehensive and positive growth experience.

This also includes hybrid work arrangements, flexible hours, healthcare support as well as training and development opportunities. These benefits are equally important for existing staff as they become more important in an employee experience within the organisation.

more support needed to improve work-life balance in singapore

Work-life balance is found to be one of the most unmet expectations. At 69%, ‘work-life balance’ ranked the second most important EVP factor respondents seek in an ideal employer. However, when asked how their employers fared in supporting work-life balance, respondents ranked it 8th on a list of 10 EVP factors. This is a 6-point gap between what employees want and what employers are perceived to offer.

Despite working from home for more than two years, some staff still struggle to strike that balance between work and their personal life. While working from home, there is a tendency to overlook the time and end up working out of office hours after dinner or on weekends. Working out of office hours risks managers mistaking overworking for productivity, which may lead to additional workload being assigned to these staff. This would create work-life imbalance, stress-related mental health issues, which would negatively impact employee morale in the long run.

work-life balance is the most unmet talent expectation.

what employees seek in ideal employers what singapore’s employers are perceived to offer
1. salary and benefits
1. financially healthy
2. work-life balance
2. good reputation
3. job security
3. career progression
4. pleasant work atmosphere
4. job security
5. career progression
5. salary and benefits
6. financially healthy
6. pleasant work atmosphere
7. possibility to work remotely
7. interesting job content
8. good reputation
8. work-life balance
9. interesting job content
9. gives back to society
10. gives back to society
10. possibility to work remotely

Working parents are likely to benefit most from hybrid and remote work, as they can work flexible hours to manage their time better as well as spend more time with their children during their formative years.

Employees who work remotely or at a company that offers hybrid work can also save on transportation expenses and commuting time. Such benefits can be crucial to your staff’s well-being and work motivation, and it's important to consider these factors when you want to come up with employee retention strategies.

number of remote workers decreased from 71% in 2021 to 58% in 2022

The percentage of respondents who worked fully or partially remotely dropped by 13% to 58% in January 2022. Both survey fieldworks in 2021 and 2022 were conducted when only half of the workforce is allowed to return to the offices.

decrease in the number of remote and hybrid workers in singapore
decrease in the number of remote and hybrid workers in singapore

Although fewer employees worked remotely this year, Singapore still ranked higher than the Asia Pacific average (42%) when it comes to hybrid and remote work.

when it comes to work-life balance, women have higher expectations than men

Compared to men, women are more likely to have higher expectations when looking for a job. 72% of female respondents said that they seek work-life balance support from employers, but only 66% of male respondents shared the same sentiment.

Work-life imbalance between the two genders is not a new issue. Rather, there is more awareness on gender inequality in the workplace in recent years, as issues such as gender pay gap as well as leadership gap, and motherhood penalty are being spotlighted. Companies that commit to making equal pay adjustments as well as offer flexible work and job sharing options can help encourage more women to stay in the workforce, without having to sacrifice their personal lives. This is where business leaders have an important role to play to develop appropriate employee retention strategies to boost employee motivation.

work-life balance is largely defined by work location and working hours in singapore

When asked what the respondents have done to improve their work-life balance in 2021, 35% of them said that they worked more remotely or from home, followed by 31% who chose to work flexible hours. 1 in 6 respondents did not make any changes to their work arrangements to improve their work-life balance.

In Singapore, work-life balance is mostly defined by survey respondents as work location and working hours. 55% of respondents said that they want their employers to provide flexible work arrangements to maintain a good work-life balance. This is followed by healthcare benefits (43%) and salary protection (42%).

top five support singapore workers desire to achieve better work life balance
top five support singapore workers desire to achieve better work life balance

To most workers in Singapore, waking up early in the morning and taking the train during peak hours to work are unpleasant experiences that make going to work a dread. Furthermore, working parents have to go back to juggling between their kids’ school schedules and their workload.

Furthermore, some people are more productive when working from home as they are not distracted by impromptu conversations in the office. With a focus on meeting the immediate needs for better work-life balance amongst the workforce, employers should continue offering remote and hybrid work options to their staff. By offering such employee benefits and providing the needs of your staff, companies will be able to not only boost overall employee morale, but also motivation for your employees.

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The 2022 Randstad Employer Brand Research provides employers with a unique opportunity to uncover new insights and validate their assumptions of employees and job seekers. This independent research is the most representative employer brand study in the world, reaching out to more than 163,000 respondents across 31 markets, including 2,705 who are based in Singapore in January 2022.

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Randstad Singapore has launched the WorkAway programme and will continue to offer hybrid work and work-from-home allowances to all corporate employees moving forward. During COVID-19, all corporate employees in Singapore received at least two days of vaccination leave to stay home and monitor their health. 

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